VMware vExpert 2024 Award


Hey everyone, let me share some awesome news, I’ve just been awarded the VMware vExpert 2024 for the eighth year in a row! 🏆🎉 Now, if you’re scratching your head wondering what exactly that means, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Essentially, the VMware vExpert program is like the club for folks who are really …

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OpenSSL Creating Wildcard Certificate Request

Logo - OpenSSL

In this short blog post, we will create an OpenSSL request for a wildcard certificate. We are going over the installation, configuration, and request. I am performing the steps on a Windows 11-based machine and requesting the certificate at https://www.xolphin.nl/ an external certificate provider, this can also be an internal certificate provider like Microsoft Active …

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Ubiquiti UniFi Inform/Adopt Access Point

Unifi 6 Pro - Physically Installed

Today we will look at the Ubiquiti UniFi inform/adopt access point process. Recently I bought some new UniFi equipment for my home environment but I had some issues with assigning them to a new UniFi Controller. Also, I received a secondhand unit that was already configured to an existing UniFi Controller. Because it took me …

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NSX Advanced Load Balancer Data Network Issue

NSX Advanced Load Balancer Data SE Network Issue - 03

When configuring the NSX Advanced Load Balancer for some testing in my Home Lab. I noticed something odd related to the service engines management network and data network settings. After thinking I was crazy… I saw an issue in the interface surrounding the data network configuration which caused the issue. In this short blog post, …

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vRealize Log Insight Domain Login Problem

vRLI - Problem - 01 - Login Problems

Today a blog post about vRealize Log Insight domain login problems. After some time I wanted to check my vRealize Log Insight instance but somehow the domain authentication was not working anymore. So it was time for a new blog post about this issue. Environment The vRealize Log Insight instance is deployed in my 24×7 …

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HPE ProLiant Removing SD Card iLO Degraded

HPE iLO Degraded Fix - 02 - iLO Reboot

Recently I was removing an SD card from one of my lab servers but after removing it, the server kept complaining about it. The HPE ProLiant is equipped with HPE Integrated Lights-Out (iLO). This is an out-of-band management system to manage and configure the server. It also is responsible for monitoring the components inside the …

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Digitus Patch Cabinet Covering Fan Holes

Digitus Patch Cabinet - Installed - 06 Completed

For the last couple of months, I was busy making my new patch cabinets ready for use. One of the things I noticed with the Digitus patch cabinet is that there are openings on the top by default for the fan installation (fan holes/mounting holes). This is great for people that install the optional fan …

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NLVMUG 2022 Event

Today a blog about the NLVMUG 2022 event, which I attended on the fourteenth of June 2022. The event took place in the DeFabrique in Utrecht The Netherlands. Lots of parking spaces and easy to reach as it is centrally located in the country. The location was the same location used for the NLVMUG in …

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Domain Controller NTP Server Configuration

Domain Controller NTP Server Configuration - Feature Image

This blog post is about Microsoft Domain Controllers and NTP Server configuration for the FSMO PDC emulator role. In this blog, we are going to configure NTP and make sure it works correctly for all the clients. Background In this case, we were deploying an entire VMware environment at a customer for testing purposes including …

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