Must read

During the after-work hours, I like to spend some time working in my home lab, learning new technologies and studying for exams. Below I have listed some blogs that are in my opinion a must read! They are interesting to read and follow with WordPress. Most blogs that are listed are related to virtualization technology and especially the VMware ecosystem.

Must read – vCommunity Blogs

The VMware Community is one of the largest tech communities around and has great information to offer.

A good initiative is the VMware VMNT Blog Beat webpage. The page offers official blog posts from VMware alongside community blog posts. There is just so much information there, you can read for 24×7 blogs and still not be done.

Blogger:Website URL:
Duncan Epping
Frank Denneman
Laurens van Duijn
Marco van Baggum
Ruurd Keizer
Sjors Robroek
Wesley Geelhoed

Must read – ITQ Blogs

At ITQ (the company I work for) a lot of people have their own blogs about IT. To combine all the content onto one page ITQ has introduced the ITQ Knowledge Hub. The knowledge hub gathers all blog posts and combines them into one central page on the ITQ company website. Click here to go to the ITQ Knowledge Hub.

If you rather go to my colleagues’ blogs directly, click on one of the websites listed below.

Blogger:Website URL:
Christiaan Roeleveld
Erik Verbruggen
Floris Eken
Francisco Perez van der Oord
Jeffrey Kusters
Johan van Amersfoort
José Cavalheri & Michaël van de Gaer
Jesper Alberts
Kabir Ali
Rick Verstegen
Robert Kloosterhuis
Ruurd Keizer & Flores Eken
Sander Harrewijnen
Stijn Vermoesen