VyOS Increase Disk Space

VyOS - Featured Image

In this blog post, I will walk you through the process of increasing disk space on a VyOS installation. Whether you’re running VyOS on a virtual machine or a physical server, this step-by-step guide will help you seamlessly allocate more storage to keep your network operations running smoothly. From resizing partitions to adjusting file systems, …

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Home Connect Multicast Routing with Cisco

Home Connect Logo

A blog post about Home Connect in combination with a Cisco Router on how to configure the multicast routing required. So what is Home Connect? HomeConnect is a platform developed by Bosch that integrates various smart home appliances and devices. It allows users to remotely control and monitor compatible appliances such as refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, …

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VMware vExpert 2024 Award


Hey everyone, let me share some awesome news, I’ve just been awarded the VMware vExpert 2024 for the eighth year in a row! 🏆🎉 Now, if you’re scratching your head wondering what exactly that means, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Essentially, the VMware vExpert program is like the club for folks who are really …

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OpenSSL Creating Wildcard Certificate Request

Logo - OpenSSL

In this short blog post, we will create an OpenSSL request for a wildcard certificate. We are going over the installation, configuration, and request. I am performing the steps on a Windows 11-based machine and requesting the certificate at https://www.xolphin.nl/ an external certificate provider, this can also be an internal certificate provider like Microsoft Active …

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Ubiquiti UniFi Inform/Adopt Access Point

Unifi 6 Pro - Physically Installed

Today we will look at the Ubiquiti UniFi inform/adopt access point process. Recently I bought some new UniFi equipment for my home environment but I had some issues with assigning them to a new UniFi Controller. Also, I received a secondhand unit that was already configured to an existing UniFi Controller. Because it took me …

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NSX Advanced Load Balancer Data Network Issue

NSX Advanced Load Balancer Data SE Network Issue - 03

When configuring the NSX Advanced Load Balancer for some testing in my Home Lab. I noticed something odd related to the service engines management network and data network settings. After thinking I was crazy… I saw an issue in the interface surrounding the data network configuration which caused the issue. In this short blog post, …

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vRealize Log Insight Domain Login Problem

vRLI - Problem - 01 - Login Problems

Today a blog post about vRealize Log Insight domain login problems. After some time I wanted to check my vRealize Log Insight instance but somehow the domain authentication was not working anymore. So it was time for a new blog post about this issue. Environment The vRealize Log Insight instance is deployed in my 24×7 …

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HPE ProLiant Removing SD Card iLO Degraded

HPE iLO Degraded Fix - 02 - iLO Reboot

Recently I was removing an SD card from one of my lab servers but after removing it, the server kept complaining about it. The HPE ProLiant is equipped with HPE Integrated Lights-Out (iLO). This is an out-of-band management system to manage and configure the server. It also is responsible for monitoring the components inside the …

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Digitus Patch Cabinet Covering Fan Holes

Digitus Patch Cabinet - Installed - 06 Completed

For the last couple of months, I was busy making my new patch cabinets ready for use. One of the things I noticed with the Digitus patch cabinet is that there are openings on the top by default for the fan installation (fan holes/mounting holes). This is great for people that install the optional fan …

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