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Flashing a HPE MSA 1040 via FTP

Today I faced a problem with a HPE MSA storage array. The storage array was not displaying its web interface and a firmware upgrade was required. After sometime, I noticed there is a build-in FTP flash. About two hours later I finally got the latest firmware installed.

How to perform a flash with FTP:

  1. Download the desired firmware from the HPE website.
  2. Extract the bin file.
  3. Copy the bin file to a directory “c:\temp”.
  4. Start a SSH session with an available controller (no preferred choice between controller A & B)
  5. Enable the FTP service on the controller with the command: “set protocols ftp enabled”.
  6. Open a CMD shell (with administrator rights) on your workstation or management server.
  7. Run the following commands:
  8. # Navigate to C:\Temp
    # Start FTP session
    ftp %IP-Address%
    # Login
    Username: ftp
    Password: !ftp
    # Navigate to directory
    cd /
    # Upload firmware and start flash
    put TS252P001.bin flash
    # Close FTP session
    ftp close
    # Go back to the SSH Session and disable the FTP service on the MSA
    set protocols ftp disabled

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