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Upgrade MDT 2012 Update 2 to MDT 8443

In my home lab environment, virtual machines with a Microsoft Operating System are deployed with Microsoft MDT / WDS. To support the latest Windows operating systems (Windows 10 and Server 2016) an upgrade was required from MDT 2012 Update 2 to MDT 8443.

After a successful upgrade to MDT 8443 and a Deployment Share upgrade everything looked fine… but when I started deploying Windows Machines an error occurred.
The following error was displayed at the end of the Deployment Wizard (Invalid DeploymentType=””).

After some searching on the internet, I came across the following Microsoft TechNet post.

To resolve my problems, the following steps were required:
1. Create a backup from the following file (%DeploymentShare%\Scripts\DeployWiz_ProductKeyVista.vbs).
2. Open the following configuration file (%DeploymentShare%\Scripts\DeployWiz_ProductKeyVista.vbs).
3. In the configuration file locate line 52
4. Change the line from (if oProperties(“DeploymentType”) = “UPGRADE” then) to (if Property(“DeploymentType”) = “UPGRADE” then).
5. Save configuration file
6. Start a new deployment

After changing this file everything should be fine :).

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