NSX LiveFire Training in Sofia

This week (12-06/15-06), I attended a VMware training (thanks to my employer ITQ). The training is only available for VMware partners and is called “NSX LiveFire”. It was held at the VMware office in Sofia City, Bulgaria. The training is a technical training given by VMware employees. This time by the following three instructors Bal Birdy, Luca Camarda and Nikodim Nikodimov.

NSX LiveFire Content:

The training covered the following topics:
– Module 00: Introduction
– Module 01: Review of NSX
– Module 02: Logical Switching and Routing
– Module 03: Integration with Physical Network
– Module 04: Security
– Module 05: Cross vCenter Deployment
– Module 06: BCDR with NSX
– Module 07: Operations and Troubleshooting
– Module 08: CMP
– Module 09: UEC
– Module 10: NSX Infrastructure Design
– Module 11: Customer Scenario
– Module 12: NSX Automated Install

The training was well organized and the instructors were very experienced with the VMware NSX product. I would recommend anyone to take the NSX LiveFire course.

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