NLVMUG 2022 Event

Today a blog about the NLVMUG 2022 event, which I attended on the fourteenth of June 2022. The event took place in the DeFabrique in Utrecht The Netherlands.

Lots of parking spaces and easy to reach as it is centrally located in the country. The location was the same location used for the NLVMUG in 2019 (the last physical VMUG before COVID).

For me personally, this was my first physical industry event since VMworld 2019 in Barcelona Spain. So it was great to be back at a physical conference and to actually meet up with a lot of familiar faces such as ITQ/VMware colleges and community members.

There was a great lineup and a lot of sessions you could choose from. Here is an overview of the available sessions of the NLVMUG 2022:

I personally attended a couple of sessions, as you can see in the photos below. Overall the sessions were good quality and with great content! Very nice to see that a lot of people love to share and spend time on prepare those sessions!

NLVMUG 2022 Photos:

I took some photos of the event to share on my blog to give people an idea of what a VMUG is and maybe inspire them to join the next NLVMUG in 2023 (if there isn’t a new … virus or something else).

So this wraps up my short blog post about the NLVMUG 2022. I would like to thank the NLVMUG team and my employer (ITQ) for making it possible for me to be there!

For me the next physical event will be VMworld … VMware Explore so maybe see you there? See you next time!

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